School’s Out for Year 6


With the excitement and anticipation of Christmas now behind us, it’s time to reflect on the final moments at Primary school of our Year 6 students.

After a wonderful day experiencing all the rides and activities at Adventure Park, they headed back to school for the final moments before the last bell sounded. While the boys played a vigorous ball game, the girls were a little more sentimental, gathering together in friendship groups to enjoy the final few minutes together.  The countdown till 3.30 seemed to take forever, but when the bell sounded there were hugs (and a few tears) all round.

Then it was off home to prepare for Graduation that night. As we listened to the students speak with humour and fondness of their memories, and watched a video of their journey from Prep to Year 6 unfold, we realised how proud we were to be part of these young people’s lives.

So as they now move on with great anticipation to secondary school and beyond, we wish them every success and happiness and hope that Clairvaux has prepared them well for the future.


grad3.gif - 9.7 K

I’d like to also congratulate and thank the Year 6 students who were our first ever group of bloggers. They not only contributed to our Senior Learning Community blog, but also have developed excellent blogs of their own.  Recently they began to share their knowledge by working with Year 5 ‘Blogging Buddies’ to help them set up their own blogs.

Congratulations to Gemma whose blog was ranked in the top 5 in the world wide Edublogs Competition and well done to all of our bloggers who have regularly created high quality posts. I hope we continue to read lots more interesting posts on your blogs. Check out the Year 6 blogs by clicking on their names.

Amy, Gemma, Georgia, Hannah, Jenna, Joseph, Kimberley, Samantha and Sean

(Want to see more? You can also see our Year 5 students’ fantastic blogs by clicking on the links on the right hand side bar of this blog.)

Maths Projects

This term a group of students worked on Maths projects which required them to teach another class an aspect of Mathematics learning.

For this task, they had to research their information and plan and prepare a method of presenting this to a class. Of course their presentation had to match the age level and understandings of the children. They also had to prepare an activity for the class to do about what they had learned.

In this video, students worked with Middle and Junior School children, sharing their ideas about such things as angles, 3D and 2D shapes.


Have you ever shared your knowledge with another class?

What was your experience?

Leave a comment about it.

House Design

Thanks to Makayla (Year 6) for writing this post and Harry (Year 6) for supplying the Google Sketchup picture.

Both Makayla and Harry participated in the House Design Inquiry unit this term.

 Design Brief: To design and create a small model house.

This was the process they followed

INVESTIGATE – Research size of suitable blocks and floor plans.

DESIGN – Draw up a floor plan of your house.

PRODUCE – Build a model house or create a house using Google Sketchup .

EVALUATE – Reflect on the product. Revise and modify if necessary.



What would your dream house look like?

What features would it have?


 Try our House Quiz. How many of these houses can you name?


Pictures for slideshow from Microsoft ClipArt

Blog Awards Announced

Exciting news!

In the Edublogs Awards, Gemma’s Blog made it to the FINAL 5 in the world!

That is such a great achievement for a person who has only been blogging for 5 months. If you check out her blog here you’ll see why it is so well regarded.

She wins a special badge for her blog and a year’s free subscription to Edublogs Pro.

Our Senior Learning Community blog ‘Clairvaux Connects’ was shortlisted from 125 nominations to be in the top 25 blogs in the world also.

We are proud of our achievements but we have 23 other fantastic student bloggers at our school also. You can see links to their blogs on our sidebar.


Congratulations to all the winners of the 19 categories !

Thank you to those who voted for us!

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Voting is now open in the 2011 Edublog Awards

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Computer Animation (Stop Motion Movies)

This post was written by Daniel Year 5.

Daniel also has his own blog (Daniel’s Blog).




This term, one of the Design Inquiry topics was

Computer Animation. Our group made Stop Motion videos.

Stop Motion Videos are videos using lots of pictures of people or anything you can move and that will stay in that postion.

To create your own Stop Motion Animation all you need is a Camera, Windows Movie MakerCamera Connector cord (to upload photos), Tripod (depending on what you’re filming) and a Table or something solid to sit the camera or tripod on.


  • First take your pictures. Make sure each picture is still and not moving around too much and not too blurry. An idea could be Lego mini-figures  moving around.
  • Then go to the top of the Window and click ‘Tools’and go down to Options and click that box.
  • Go to Advanced and and change Picture Duration numbers down to 0.250.
  • After that change Transition Duration to 0.25.
  • Then make sure you download your pictures on to your computer.
  • On Windows Movie Maker, select Import Pictures and select all of your pictures and press OK. Make sure your pictures stay in that same order.
  •  Now place all your pictures on the story board or timeline.
  • Create your Title or Credits in the Edit Movie sidebar.
  • If you want to save the movie as a Windows Media Player file, select Save to my Computer in the Finished Movie sidebar.
  • Then follow the steps in the window that pops up.

This is a Stop Motion Video Parody created by Will and Daniel. Hope you like it! They made the movie in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded it to Vimeo.

Penny Stop Motion Video from Daniel C on Vimeo.

Stop Motion Parody  by Daniel and Will

ASDF Movie (in Lego) from Joe Mc on Vimeo.

Thanks to movie makers Joe, Will and Daniel, Xandar, Mat, Tom and Aiden.


Toy Stories

This post is by Rebecca and Madie. They are Year 5 students. Madie has her own blog (Madie’s Blog) and she made the PhotoPeach slideshow.  Rebecca would love to learn to blog and has made a wonderful start by writing this post and making the Wordle.

For Inquiry in Term 4, some of us chose to investigate Toy Making. Our investigations led us to a wide range of toys like stuffed bears, doll houses, mini water slides, foam spiders, motor boats, trucks and skate board ramps. To achieve our creations we had to learn skills like sewing and woodwork.

We had heaps of ‘Try, try again moments’,  but we were really proud of our results! At the end of our Design Technology unit, the Senior School organised an Expo to display all of our work for parents, friends and other classes. Some of us left out ‘comment pages’ and we had really good feedback.

This Wordle summarises some of the comments we got.

You can watch all of our ‘Toy Stories’ on PhotoPeach.


If you could make a toy, what would you make?

‘The Clairvaux Catwalk’

One of the topics selected for our Design Technology unit this term was

Fashion Design.

Our Design Brief was : Create a new fashion garment from an existing item by changing it in some way.

We had to learn how to  . . . . draw designs, cut out patterns, thread needles, hand sew, machine sew, sew buttons on, sew on sequins, iron on transfers, unpick hems, cut off pieces  of material, measure and pin, put in elastic, use a glue gun to add feathers, flowers etc. . .  and the list goes on.

Everyone was so motivated and keen to put their plans into reality! After all, we all wanted to look good at our Fashion Parade -’ The Clairvaux  Catwalk’. 

Of course there was the odd challenge or two . . .  or more! But designing is about continually evaluating and modifying until the best solution is reached’.

See Gemma’s Blog for an excellent summary of the Fashion Design Process.

As the weeks progressed, we began to see some wonderful new fashion pieces evolving from their humble beginnings – a plain black t-shirt became a sporty soccer top; a simple singlet top evolved into a beautiful fringed and beaded party fashion top . . . .

But instead of me describing it, let’s have a look at our Fashion Magazine

‘The Clairvaux Catwalk’.

(To slow down the Mixbook slides, press the PAUSE button. Press PLAY when ready to move on.)

Alternatively, to read as a double paged E Book and turn each page, click




Thanks to the Food Technology group for preparing some fruit punches to drink afterwards. We all enjoyed them!








Which was your favourite fruit punch?





   Stay tuned for more Design Technology posts.

Coming soon . . .Toy Making (presented by Rebecca 5\6 JC and Madie 5\6 JF)


Looking Back on Good Times

Look carefully and you might see someone you know.

Do they remind you of your Prep buddies? Maybe they look a bit different now.

In the next couple of weeks, take the time to remember and share some of the many memories you have of your years at Clairvaux. Think also about what memories of yourself you can leave behind for others to reflect upon.

No matter which grade you are in, everyone can reflect on their times at school.

What are some of YOUR favourite memories at Clairvaux?

Share YOUR memories by leaving a comment.

Gourmet Pancakes Cooking Challenge

Guest Post by Madie 5\6 JF

(Madie is one of our new bloggers and has been blogging for only 3 weeks) 

Visit Madie’s Blog here

Gourmet Pancakes

breakfast art

Our Inquiry topic for Term 4 was ‘Try, Try Again’ and our group’s topic was Food and Cooking.

Our first Cooking Challenge was cooking Apple Stacks. They were delicious! You can read our blog post about Apple Stacks here. Clairvaux Cooking Challenge.

The task this time was to make Gourmet Pancakes.

Before we started cooking we had to plan what we needed to bring and how we were going to make it.

We were allowed to put what ever we liked on them or create any type of  pancakes we wanted to. Some of the main ingredients people used for their toppings were chocolate (white and milk choc), strawberries, blueberries, ice cream (plain or neapolitan) and many more as well as many different pancake flavours. They all looked fantastic and everyone said that they smelt nice too.

The judge had a small taste of them all and then at the 5/6 meeting he announced who had won. He said they won because he loved the fluffiness of the pancake. The winners were Callum and Jake 5\6 JC.

Well done guys, you did well!

Here is a video. I hope you enjoy it.  Take a look at the delicious pancakes we all made!

‘Pancakes’ by Madie

Edublog Awards 2011

 Edublog Awards 2011

As you have probably noticed, we have a number of excellent bloggers at Clairvaux! Some students have been blogging since July 2011 and some have only been blogging for 3 weeks, but are doing an amazing job as well.

Recently, a number of students took part in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. This was a demanding 10 week challenge but our students excelled themselves by producing some excellent responses to the tasks.

Each year, Edublog Awards are presented to worthy blogs in a range of categories and we are able to nominate blogs which demonstrate excellence.  It has been a very difficult decision to make but I feel that Gemma’s Blog meets the criteria in all areas. Gemma is 12 years old.

So I am proud to nominate Gemma’s Blog for the Edublog Awards for 2011 - Best Student Blog. 

HERE’S WHY . . . .

Gemma does everything right as far as blogging goes, although she has only been blogging since July. She writes interesting and good quality posts, uses a variety of web 2.0 tools, demonstrates cyber-safety and copyright awareness, comments on other blogs frequently, makes connections with other bloggers locally and around the world, is helpful and supportive to all our bloggers and is teaching other students and teachers how to blog properly.

She has participated with great excitement in the Student Blog Challenge, writing 14 posts and receiving 61 comments and leaving comments on numerous blogs herself. This enthusiastic participation has seen her ‘raise the bar’ on her blogging skills even more.

Gemma is always looking at other blogs to find ways to improve and so I think she deserves to be nominated. Her Poverty post for the Student Challenge Task on Global Issues illustrates the quality I’m talking about.



We really hope your excellent blog makes it into the nomination list!


It’s November already, and that’s the time some funny little hairy growths start appearing on the upper lips of the male teachers at our school.

What’s it all about?

Is it due to a mysterious new disease? Is it a new fashion statement? Is it a MOhawk gone wrong? Is it some grass that needs a mow?

No, it’s actually about MOvember.

During November each year, MOvember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world.

The aim of MOvember is to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, especially cancers and depression.


Our guys are going all out to raise money and awareness. They put up with a bit of good natured ‘ribbing’ from the rest of us, but we’re going to help them by donating money. We’re hoping that if we give them enough, we might be able to persuade them to shave their MOustaches off.

So if you see Glen, James, John D, John C, Tim, Luke or Andrew with a MOustache, then take MOment to think about donating some MOney. Any aMOunt will be MOst appreciated for MOvember.

Here’s Year 5\6 JF lending their support to their teacher, James.


 Want to see more?

If you’d like to see these amazing moustaches shaved OFF, then DONATE some money to the MOvember cause and you can get rid of them!

Technology Fun Day

Twice a term our school has a Sabbath week. (Sabbath is a time of rest and renewal)

Sabbath week at Clairvaux is a time when there are no meetings for the teachers (hooray!)  and the students have a special time set aside for fun and relaxation (awesome!)

So this week, because of our current Design Technology Inquiry unit, the Senior Learning Community organised a TWO HOUR TECHNOLOGY FUN SESSION.

Fun with an iPad

Everyone was allowed to bring an electronic device to school to play with – things like i-Pod touch, i-Pad, DS, Wii etc.

It was a great time to relax and have fun with our friends!

But if you have a technology day in your class . . .  remember this rule.

Any photos taken on a device at school need to be deleted before going home. This prevents any pictures being used outside the school or on the internet for any other purpose. . . . and most importantly protects your privacy.



What is your favourite technology game or device? 

Leave a comment to let us know. 

Clairvaux Cooking Challenge

At the start of term 4 we had to choose one topic of interest from 5 Design Technology subjects.

  •  House design
  • Toy Making
  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Computer animation

Our Inquiry topic is ‘Try, Try Again’ and our group’s topic is Food Technology.

We started off by using the Design Process. (Investigating, Designing, Creating and Evaluating).

Our Design Brief was to cook and present some Apple Stacks.  

In our apple stacks we had apples, puff pastry, some blueberries, strawberry and raspberries. When we put the apple stack in the oven the pastry puffed up and looked really cool. Then we decorated them with the berries and icing sugar.

Out of everyone’s apple stack that look very yummy, Leah in 5/6 JF won. Mr Mugavin was the judge. It would have been a hard job to pick because they all looked so amazing.

This was a practice for our Junior Masterchef Challenge we will be having. We can’t wait for that – it’s boys versus girls!


This report was written by Madie, Emily and Maggie R. (Junior Master Chefs in Training)


Take a look at our delicious results!

Clairvaux Junior MasterChef Challenge

‘Try, Try Again’ series. Part 2.

Excursion to the Gordon – Guest Post

This post is written by Gemma and Amy. (5/6 BV) We have blogs, so you can look at Gemma’s here and Amy’s here.

All the 5/6 classes went on an excursion to The Gordon Institute. It was great fun. On the bus there, everyone was chatting about what they would like to do when they grow up.

Once we got there, we met a lady named Sue. She took us up to the Gordon auditorium and talked to us about different courses that you can do. There were many interesting courses, and you can see them on the website here.

We played a charades type game, where you could win a Chuppa Chup, then found out about ‘The Gordon Race’!

The race was where you had to walk around the Gordon campus, and try to answer all the questions provided in a booklet. We were in groups of 2 or 3, and all we had was the questions, a basic map of the campus, a coordinates guide where it would tell you where the courses are held, and a course guide. From there, we were on our own.

Everyone was rushing around, trying to frantically to answer the questions and be the first back to the auditorium with all their answers correct.

The first question got a few people stuck, but after that everyone was working together answering all the questions. One of the questions was to go to the Fashion Lab and look for a glass cabinet and write what was inside. Hardly anyone knew where the cabinet was so I (Amy and Marie) ended up asking a teacher for the answer. There was actually nothing in there!

Once everyone was back, and my group (Gemma, Eleanor and Sophie) had got back second last, and were embarrassed as everyone was looking at us, we sat down and watched a video about the Gordon.

Then we went to Johnstone Park for first lunch and went back to school.

Watch a quick video about The Gordon that Gemma made.

Create your own video slideshow at


That’s all from us,

Stay Posted, (and check out our blogs!)

Amy and Gemma

 ’Try, Try Again’ series. Part 1

From Mannya to Clairvaux – Father Nestus visits us

Father Nestus in Mannya

Father Nestus is a warm and gracious man who is an inspirational leader in his parish in Mannya. This month he spent some time in Geelong meeting people and joining in many of our Parish activities.

We were excited when he came to our school and attended a special gathering for him. He also joined in a basketball game with some students and shared stories of how we are helping to make a difference to the children of our sister school in Mannya.

Father Nestus is always grateful for even the smallest gesture, and his beautiful smile reflects his love for his people and his gratitude for our friendship and assistance for the people of Mannya.

The video shows Father Nestus at Clairvaux.


What did you write in your letter to the children of Mannya?


The Premiership Cup visits Clairvaux

As many of you know if you’ve been reading our blog, our town’s football team Geelong Cats won the Aussie Rules Football Grand Final for 2011. For winning, the team was awarded the Premiership Cup, a very prestigious trophy. It is on display most of the time at the Geelong Football Club in Kardinia Park, but this week it came to visit OUR school.

Although not everyone barracks for Geelong, it was great to see what the real Premiership Cup looks like and naturally the Geelong supporters were ‘over the moon’. Each class was able to see and touch the cup . . . . and of course Dewey had to get into the act too!

Here are some images of the Senior classes enjoying the Cup’s visit.

Thank you to the Geelong Football Club for bringing the Premiership Cup to our school.