How Do We Learn Best?

We arrive at school every day, greet our friends, unpack our bags and get ready for a day of new learning opportunities.

Well that’s why we come to school isn’t it?

Learning Styles

True, but learning is not the same for everyone. In a class of 28 students there will be 28 different learners. Schools today recognise that every child has unique learning needs. Understanding the needs of each child determines how the class will function.

We have been discovering how we learn. By investigating Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, we began to understand why we seem to learn things successfully in some ways more than others. For example, some people may find it easy to learn to play basketball, but very difficult to learn to play a musical instrument.

There are several different styles of intelligences and we possess them all in varying degrees. By taking a test we were able to create a graph which helped us to understand our preferred ways of learning. We discovered that we could use this understanding to recognise and share our strengths with others in the classroom.  We were surprised to find out that with practice, we could actually improve our less dominant intelligences.

If you would like to find out your preferred learning styles, click on the link below and go to ‘Take the Test’ at the top of the page. You can print off a graph to view the results.

Multiple Intelligences

MI graph

So, although we understood more about our learning styles we wondered how we could use this knowledge to actually make our learning more effective. Our teachers asked us the question . . .

“What helps you learn?”

Watch the slideshow below to see what we came up with, and see how we are putting our ideas into practice.

What are some things that help you learn more effectively?

Write your comment below in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “How Do We Learn Best?

  1. Great slideshow Mrs N!!
    Just what is needed to remind us of all the things we identified last term that helps us learn best.
    We need to remember and work in the ways we agreed helps everyone work best.

  2. I learnt in a very different way to the way children learn today. I did not have all the technology or resources available. I learnt by listening carefully and I really loved a challenge given to me by the teacher.
    I also had a “very clever sister” to ask when I needed help.
    Can you guess who that might have been?

  3. Hi guys! Rachster here from Pam’s class in Adelaide.

    Holey moley! They are a lot of preferred learning styles! You guys really thought about that!

    I think I work best in a calm, clean, friendly, helpful environment. I like working with a partner but I think I work best when I work alone because then I can make my own decisions.

    Keep learning about learning!
    Rachster :D

    • Hi Rachster,

      Thank you for your excellent comment. You always write supportive and informative comments. Great blogging techniques Rachster.

      Mrs N

  4. Hi Rachster,
    There are a lot of styles of how we learn!I learn best
    with a partner or in a quiet place to work!
    Bye Reevin N :)

  5. Hey guys,

    Mine is when I learn with people I know,or when I have a good teacher that I Know well or some family members I know well.


  6. Hi everyone,
    I work best around a group of friends.
    It helps me focus and concentrate on the target.


  7. Great work everyone!

    It’s great to see people discussing the ways they learn best.
    By expressing your ideas the teachers can help plan for your learning.
    Also, your understanding of your own learning gives YOU control of (as Matthew said) being ‘focused and able to concentrate on the target’.(or goal)
    Our discussion includes ideas from teachers, Year 6/7 students from Adelaide, and now Year 3/4 children are joining in.
    Wow! let’s keep the great ideas going!

    Mrs N

  8. Hi Clairvaux connects,

    In our class we did the same Multiple Intelligences test. I found that I was music smart and worked well with music.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi guys!!!!

    I’m Millie from Pams class.

    That is a great post!!!! I loved the slideshow as well!!

    I took the test and it says I am an intrapersonal learner. Which is totally true!! Even though I love my friends, I do enjoy and work at my best when I am working as an individual. To tell you the truth, I am a bit controlling (:D) and like to make all the decisions.

    I think that something that helps me work well is when I am working on the computer, so I can have some music on, easily look up some information and easily edit my work.

    You blog is looking great!!!!

    Millie :D

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