logoThe Clairvaux Student Council elections have been run and won with many students nominating to try and represent the ideas of all the students in their class.  Well done to everyone who nominated and gave a speech, you did a wonderful job.

Congratulations to the winners who display excellent leadership skills in our school community. They have accepted the role of continuing to be good role models to other students and responsible and respectful members of our school community.

3/4 JD: Baxter and Emily, 3/4 KS: Ted and Sammy, 3/4 DM: Madison and Jesse, 3/4 MO: Ashley, Chanel and Sam, 3/4 BV: Miranda and Jordan, 5/6 LR: Imogen and Avery, 5/6 AJ: Adele and Jack, 5/6 LJ: Bronwyn, Charlotte and Tanner, 5/6 RH: Tikei and Natalie, 5/6 OM: Lydia and Jessica

Here’s some of the things the children had to say.

I ran for CSC because it will be a good experience for me and I’m confident and brave which makes me a good leader. -Sam

I’m a good leader at Clairvaux becuase I am confident and polite. I hope to continue making Clairvaux a happy and friendly school. – Ashley

I ran for CSC so I could be a leader and stand up for other people in the school. -Jesse

I ran for CSC becuase I am a responsible person. -Madison

I wanted to be in the CSC so I could help others and keep Clairvaux a clean school. -Jordan

I chose to nominate for CSC so I can help continue to make it a better school. I am a good leader because I am helpful, kind and patient. -Miranda

I am a good leader because I will keep persisting until things are done, I don’t give up. I will put all children’s ideas forward to be discussed. -Emily

I make a good leader because I’m friendly and kind. -Baxter

I ran for CSC because I wanted to be a leader. I am responsible and I can think of many ideas to help our school. -Ted

I ran for CSC because I want to help our community to keep improving. I am responsible and always try my hardest. -Sammi

I am a good leader because I respect everyone, help people make the right choice and assist them when they are having a hard time. I would like to keep raising money for Mannya and help look after our environment. -Nat

I wanted to be on the CSC to learn how to use my leadership skills. I am a responsible person. -Tanner

I ran for CSC to show everyone that I am responsible, resilient and can be trusted to continue making Clairvaux a better place. -Jess

I am a good leader because I try to set a good example for all students and I will listen to and pass on all the ideas from my classmates. -Tikei

Being responsible, respectful, resourceful and resilient make me a good leader and CSC representative. -Imogen

I think I am a good leader because I’m a good role model and work hard. I would like to help raise more money for Mannya. I am proud to be on the CSC and representing Clairvaux. -Adele

I ran for CSC because I think I’m a good leader. -Jack

I ran for CSC because I really want to help the school. I enjoy going to the meetings and sharing the ideas that I got from my class. -Lydia

I think I’m a good leader because I listen to all the ideas from my classmates and pass them on to be considered. I also like to help other people. -Charlotte

I think I’m a good leader because I respect others and listen to their ideas. -Avery


Welcome to 2014


welcome to 2014

What another exciting and fun-filled school year we have ahead.  We welcome many new students, families and staff to our wonderful school community, especially the keen and eager little Prep children. There are many things to look forward to this year and we will keep you informed as the year goes on.

What are you looking forward to this year?

What do you hope to achieve in 2014?

Year 6 Camp Day 2

Camp Wilkin

A very quiet breakfast today after a busy first day and late night for some!

Lots of fun to be had again today, beginning with the next rotation of activities. A short walk down to the beach saw everyone enjoy the wonderful sunshine and perfect weather for the afternoon.  Much fun was had with lunch, a play on the new playground, team activities and some free fun time on the sand and around the water. 

The team activity included:

  • building a sandcastle up to the waist of the shortest person in the team,

  • finding a variety of objects on the beach,

  • helping each other fill a bucket with water,

  • getting from point A to point B with as many people as possible in a hoop,

  • creating a sand sculpture to match our team name.  So much fun!

 Here are a few photos of our day. More coming soonIMGP0613IMGP0648IMGP0655IMGP0635

A great finish to the night with plenty of dance moves pulled out at the disco and a scary movie to top it off.







Grade 6 Camp 2013

 Camp Wilkin


What a fun filled first day at camp for the Year 6 children.  The weather was great for the first three outdoor rotations. 

They included:

  • Amazing Race and Bush Cooking
  • Bike Riding
  • Climbing Wall
  • Initiative and Team Building Course
  • Flying Fox and Ropes Course

The night finished with a long night walk around the Angelsea Golf Course and surrounding area and a game around the campfire.

Here is a quick snapshot of a few activities:

day 1 snapshot

 More photos to come…

Year 5/6 Poetry

The Senior Learning Community have a Contemporary Learning Group who have been spending time exploring poetry based on Australia’s history.

Here is one of the poems from Ella.

gold rush It was 1851,

When the gold rush had begun,


Travellers came, in hope to find,

A valuable mineral that sparkled and shined,


Some were successful and found gold,

Whilst others were left to search in the cold,


When at last the time came,

To leave in shame, all others with fame,


Many men were left with no golden pleasure

The lucky ones all surrounded by a rich, gleaming treasure.

Year 3/4 Poetry

first fleet ballads

captain arthur phillip

I was going to be relaxed,

In the nice warm sun,

But then I just got hired

So I had to get up and run.


I was going to get retired

Have a relaxing day

But then I just got hired

To sail the convicts away


When I got to the ship I knew what to do,

When I got on the ship I saw the convicts.

I said to the convicts, “Get on would you!”,

When they got on the ship we started to sail across the seas.


Our first  stop was the Canary Islands,

A perfect place to collect fruit and seeds.

We collected all these things,

Enough for our needs.


We had more stops along the way,

Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Tasmania.

Then we arrived at Botany Bay,

We didn’t like this place we sailed to Port Jackson.


By Natalie

Year 3/4 Poetry

first fleet ballads

This term we are learning about the First Fleet and Poems.  We decided to write a ballad about a real convict on the first fleet called Mary Able.  All of the things in the poem, like her age, what she stole and what boat she sailed on, are true.  We painted our poem with a tea bag and ripped the edges on our printed piece to make it look old and well traveled.IMGP0007

 mary ables journey

Some day the gates will open,

And again I will be free

Even though I’m on boat,

        I’ll still be filled with glee.      


My name is Mary Able,

I’m 30 years of age,

I’m going on Lady Penrhn,

In a tiny little cage.


I love my family very much,

But I also have to leave, 

I’ll miss like never before,

In myself I’ll have to believe,


I stole a piece of clothing,

31 shillings it was worth,

I wish I didn’t do that

I’m going to the other side of the earth.


After eight whole months,

I finally arrived,

I really miss my family,

I can’t believe I survived.


The people we saw,

When we finally got there,

They had dark skin,

 And shiny black hair,


They were aborigines you see,

Owners of the land,

Our language clothes and everything else,

They couldn’t understand.


I have to go to work now,

And explore this new place, 

The governors are so strict,

We have to work to pace.


By Abbey and Maddy

Clairvaux Lapathon 2013

helping mannya

In Mannya there are 40,000 people. The problem in Mannya is they don’t have much money. They don’t have much fresh water because they are affected by ongoing droughts. Mannya is in Uganda and Uganda is in Africa. We do the lapathon to raise money so school children in Mannya can have one bowl of porridge a day. All the students from Clairvaux Catholic School are going to do the lapathon. You have to run around the oval and your family and friends give you money for every lap you do.

It is on Tuesday the 20th of August and starts 11.45 and finishes at 12.30.

Joyal and Aiden (Year 1/2 JC)


100 Days of School

100 days of school

The Prep children celebrated 100 days of school by:

-creating paper chains with 100 links

-making necklaces with 100 cheerios

-creating a caterpillar with 100 feet

-decorating animals with 100 finger prints

-finding how many times they could do something in 100 seconds

-seeing how long it took to do something 100 times


Will could write his name 25 times in 100 seconds! 

How many can you do?







Tyler drew 120 circles in 100 seconds!

How many can you draw?


 100 seconds




Religious Education in Prep

preps in pjs title

Preps in PJs is a chance for parents to come and experience Religious Education with their children at school.  We have 1 session in each of Terms 2, 3 and 4, each with a different focus, including scripture, prayer and a mass to finish.  And of course the Prep children, and some brave parents, get to wear their pyjamas to school!!

preps in pjs collage





Year 5/6 Performing Arts

latin dance

This term we have been learning Latin dancing with Vicky in Performing Arts.  We were taught many things like how to move freely and to count the beat in our heads.  We were put into boy/girl partners and were taught the steps as we danced to a Spanish song. Everyone had a great time and worked hard to learn all the steps.  The boys wear jeans and a shirt and the girls wear a dress or a skirt with a blouse.  They will have their hair down. We learnt so much from this experience, it was worth all the hard work that Vicky and all the students put into this performance.

By Darcey, Eliza and Sienna

Year 5/6 Art

notan design


Notan is the word used by the Japanese to express ‘light-dark’ as a part of design. It is easy to see that dark shapes can’t be seen without a white area surrounding them and that white shapes can’t be seen without dark to define them.

notan design children