Day 1 Snapshot

camp wilkin 2014

WHAT A FANTASTIC DAY!! Camp has started with a bang, straight into 3 rotations with everyone participating with great enthusiasm and really enjoying themselves. Activities included bike riding, initiatives/team building course, canoeing, rock climbing and the flying fox. Here are a few photos and videos from this day. More to follow soon so stay tuned!

From the Team Building Activity




A Passport to the World

Cultural Day

The Junior students recently took part in a Cultural Immersion Day for their Inquiry learning to explore how different cultures celebrate.

Here are some thoughts on the day from Paddy and Elly.

China: We had to get inside the Chinese dragon and we had to control how it moved.  We used the dragon to do a Chinese dance and we thought it was great fun.

Peru: We had a Latin Fiesta by participating in some boy and girl partner dancing to Latin music. We had to get dressed up, the boys had to wear fake moustaches and the girls wore necklaces and scarves. It was different to the way we usually dance.

Italy: We got to join in an Italian wedding dance. We had to hold hands in a circle and skip one of our legs across our knee. We needed to criss-cross our legs by putting one in front then one behind. It started hard then got easier and it got really fast which was fun.

Greece: We looked at the Greek alphabet and wrote our name in Greek. It was hard because the letters went right down to the end of the page.

India: e got to try some Indian food, we had meat curry with rice.  I like the chili in curry (Paddy). They have different rice to us because they had different things in it like carrots and meat. It was yummy and a little spicy (Elly).

New Zealand: We got beards painted on our chins like the Maori people. We got to do the Haka where we had to stick our tongue out and wave it around everywhere. We had to hit our elbows with our hands really hard to make noise and scare the enemy more.

Japan: We got to try origami which is paper folding. We got to make dogs, houses, cranes and cups. It was a bit challenging to make some, especially the crane and house. The dog and cup were the easiest. It was good fun.

Mexico: We got to try some Mexican cooking. We had Quesadilla which is some bread with melted cheese. It was beautiful! We also saw pictures about how chocolate was made.

Lebanon: We got to make some stars from orange peel and we also made a Lebanese flag. We got to try tabouli/tabbouleh and baklava.

It was good fun to learn about different countries. -Paddy

It was pretty cool because we got to taste different things that we don’t normally get to taste. -Elly

Father’s Day

fathers dayAs Father’s Day approaches it’s a good time to reflect on all the male role models who have a positive impact on our lives. Dads, Grandfathers, Uncles, Brothers, Stepfathers, Godfathers and Male Friends do many things for us.

Who is a positive male role model in your life?

Why are they a positive role model?

What do you enjoy doing with them?


fathers day pic

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Sustainability at Clairvaux


In the Senior Learning Community we learnt about how we can create a sustainable world. We split into different groups depending on our interests, we chose pollution for our focus area. To help spread the word, we have made a blog informing people about our group and some information about our group. Please visit our blog as it is a part of our action plan and the more people that know about our group and helping stop pollution will help make the world a better place. We are hoping that we can make a difference, large or small.

To help us, please visit our website Slam Dunk the Junk.

Many thanks,

Libby, Mycalah, Bec, Ruby, Anabelle and Olivia


Photo courtesy of


Sustainable Houses are really good to have. They help the environment and animals. They still look really nice; it just has slightly different things.


Lots of people know about Solar Panels and turning lights, taps, etc, when they are not in use. But,did you know about these things?

Electric cars, echo-proof holes in your ceiling, diagonal roof, double glazed windows, veggie patch and hanging lights.

  • Electric cars reduce the amount of air pollution. They are expensive though
  • Echo-proof holes make it quieter so that animals don’t get scared
  • You need a diagonal roof to make it easier for the solar panels to get the sun
  • Double glazed windows make the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • You can grow your own veggies with a veggie patch, so you know that they don’t get sprayed with chemicals like some do in shops and it reduces pollution because it won’t have to get flown here
  • Hanging lights light up more of the room because they won’t be covered or on the roof

Solar panels cost a lot of money at the beginning, but they save you a lot of money in the future. Power costs a lot less and they owe you money.

By Sarah


Foundation News

mrs wishy washy

Here are some responses to the book Mrs Wishy Washy by Joy Cowley.



I liked when I was acting out Mrs Wishy Washy. I had to use a loud voice. -Violet

I played the cow and I was the first character in the story. -Charley W

I played the duck when we were acting out Mrs Wishy Washy. -Maggie

We read the story then we had to put the words back in order. -Tom C



Welcome to Basil

Welcome Basil

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new principal, Basil, to the Clairvaux community.  We look forward to working with him and seeing what great things he can contribute to our school and community.  We would also like to thank Nat and Sarah for all their hard work during Term 2.


A message from Basil…

I am very excited about coming to Clairvaux and the welcome has been quite amazing. Thanks to Fr Vince and the selection panel for this opportunity. Clairvaux is highly regarded and I feel very fortunate to be here. While I have had the opportunity to visit a few times over the years you do not realize how spacious the buildings and grounds are, it truly is a fantastic facility that we are very lucky to have. I look forward to getting to know the Clairvaux community and working with you to ensure our school is the best it can be.

I would like to congratulate Carolyn Kelly for her leadership and direction over the past five years. During my career I worked with Carolyn in two different schools and I have always admired her professionalism and work ethic. I would like to thank Nat, firstly for the great job she has done over the past few months and also for making my transition so easy. Nat is a very competent leader who is highly regarded and she should be very proud of the work she has done.

Already I can sense the calm and positive feel that exists here and I am very impressed with what Clairvaux is and how it functions.

As Confirmation will be celebrated on August 10, Bishop Long will be visiting our candidates next week and I wish them well as they prepare for this very special time.

Have a great week.


Middle School News


In term 2 the MLC went to the IMAX theatre and Melbourne museum. We went by bus. The trip up was boring but in the end it was all worth it.

There was so much information to see at the museum but our favourite part was the IMAX movie, Dinosaurs Alive in 3D! It was the best because the information was easy to understand, and there were lots to watch. The dinosaur bones were incredible. We wondered how they put them all together.

Soon we came across the dynamic earth section. We learnt how the earth has changed over the millions of years. There was lots of other of other things like, a giant squid and a room full of stuffed animals. We all had a lot of fun and learnt new interesting things.


Abbey, Georgia-Rose, Brooke and Georgia

Foundation News

living eggs

The Foundation children have recently hatched some chickens at school!

Here are some thoughts from some of the children about this experience.


I saw the cracked eggs. I saw the chicks hatch. –Zara

I saw that the chicks were fluffier than a feather. –Lachlan W

I saw eggs in the incubator. I wonder when they will hatch? –Elita

I was popping some eggs on the tray to get washed so we can eat it. –Esther

I am washing the eggs. –Luke

I saw two of the eggs hatch. I saw one of the chicks had fur on its back. There were 10 eggs. –Lucy

I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch. I can’t wait to get the chickens. I looked at the eggs. –Henry

In the eggs there were chicks. They cracked the shell and came out. –Evie

I held a chick and it was big. -Mason

I saw chicks in the incubator. -Maurice

The chicks are fluffy. -Tilly